Your doctor will be able to guide you through the treatment process. After a comprehensive examination, some of the following treatments may be recommended. Our goal is to offer you the most efficient and cutting-edge treatment available to improve your core issues and get you… back on track.

Ankle Adjustment Overland Park Kansas

Chiropractic Adjustments

We adjust not only the spine but also most of the joints in the arm, leg and even the jaw.

Acupuncture/ Dry Needling

We practice Traditional Chinese Acupuncture as well as Dry Needling for localized muscle and joint therapy.

Laser Therapy Overland Park Kansas

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

Our Laser Therapy assists in reducing inflammation and pain in both acute and chronic conditions.

Posture Rehab Overland Park Kansas

Sports / Postural Rehabilitation

We are experienced providers in both posture and movement training and exercise.

Physiotherapy/ Manual Therapy

These therapies are focused on reducing muscle spasm, pain and improve circulation.

Nutrition and Supplements

Nutritional Consulting

Sometimes we need a more holistic approach to pain, inflammation and impaired performance. Here we examine the diet, focusing on getting nutrition from whole food sources. We also offer several brands of supplements to fill in the nutritional gaps or needs.

Sports Performance

No pain or disability but want to improve or maintain your movement, strength and balance? We can assist in designing a program to improve your sports performance.

Ready to get moving?….